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Let’s be honest. Winter time can be tough. It’s cold, windy, snowy and wet. These aren’t exactly my favorite conditions. I don’t think it’s baby’s favorite either. And this is definitely not an ideal time to be outside carrying or strolling baby around. (Remember, they aren’t yet able to regulate their own temperature very well.) But these low temperatures and less than ideal weather conditions can’t keep us homebound every day. We have things to do! Luckily there are some products that can really help keep your baby comfortable, healthy and warm through this crazy season. Here are our favorite top winter products for baby.

Earth Mama Baby Face Organic Nose & Cheek Balm

This is a brand new product from Earth Mama Organics and we are obsessed! This little tube of goodness is amazing to have during the winter time, but it really is perfect year round.

Winter time is when our babies have dry cheeks, runny noses and hopefully are not suffering from a cold. 🙁 And if they’re teething, drooly chins! All of this can cause their sweet little faces to be dry or chapped. No fun. Insert the new Earth Mama Baby Face Organic Nose & Cheek Balm!

This balm was formulated to be comforting, soothing and moisturizing for our babies skin. It’s the perfect organic alternative to petroleum jelly. You guys know that we love Earth Mama products because everything they create is made with their customers in mind with the best and safest products. Their Organic Nose and Cheek Balm is certified organic with ultra-rich coconut balm. You can even use it as a chapstick! You don’t have to worry about getting it around baby’s mouth because there is NO petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrance or preservatives. It’s become one of our favorites!

NoseFrida & Saline Spray

What would we do without our NoseFrida with the saline spray? During this winter season we have been using these bad boys EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. My son’s nose has been stuffed and runny all at the same time. His baby snorts may sound cute to me, but I know that his inability to breathe clearly makes him miserable. With two sprays of saline in each nostril and the NoseFrida I am able to quickly and easily relieve him.


Winter time can be tough on our baby’s skin. A humidifier is great to have with dry winter air. We love our son’s humidifier because it helps reduce chapped skin, stuffy noses and dry mouth. I recommend not keeping it right next to your baby’s crib as well as out of arms reach from your little one.

Socks, Hats & Mittens

Of course we have to keep our babies warm from the chilly weather. A knit hat, mittens and warm socks are must-haves during winter. Babies don’t have to wear these items indoors since we don’t want them overheating so use your best judgement. I also recommend some baby booties that will help keep the heat from escaping and keep his little piggies nice and warm. 🙂


A sweater is a perfect piece to have in any winter wardrobe. It’s ideal for layering so you can keep your little one bundled up. I recommend a soft knit sweater that has an easy zipper, buttons or snaps to easily take off of your child. We all know that when they want it off, you can’t take forever or there will be a fit!


Blankets are also nice to have to help provide warmth and protect your baby from the wind, rain, sleet and snow. A stroller blanket or fleece blanket will do the trick and keep in the heat.

Hand Sanitizer

It’s no secret that cold weather can bring on sick days. The last thing we want is our babies to get sick. Carry some hand sanitizer with you to kill those nasty cold and flu germs. If someone wants to hold your baby, give them a few sprays of the hand sanitizer. It’s better to be safe and healthy than sorry and sick.


Dry skin is inevitable during the winter months. We want to protect our babies’ skin so picking a safe lotion is important. I chose this one because it is #1 pediatrician recommend and it’s specially designed to moisturize and protect baby’s sensitive skin from dryness. The moisturizer gently soothes and softens, leaving skin nourished, protected and smooth.

Footed Sleepers & Sleep Sacks

Our babies can get cold during the night time and since having loose blankets is unsafe a footed sleeper or sleep sack is a better and safer option. This will keep your little one warm and comfortable with those dropping temperatures.

Carseat Cover

If you’re getting your child ready to sit in his carseat, you should know that your child should not be wearing heavy coats or be wrapped up in a blanket while getting buckled in. All that should be between your baby and the carseat straps are his pants and shirt. Blankets and covers should be OVER his buckles and around his carseat. Some great and safe options are the 7AM Enfant Nido, JJ Cole carseat covers and Cozy Covers.


If you plan on taking your baby out in the stroller in the chilly weather a bunting bag is a good idea. It’s basically like a baby snowsuit. Some options that I recommend are from North Face, Patagonia and Columbia. They have great waterproof choices for babies.

Now you’re all ready for winter! Are there any other products that you would add to the list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


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